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The Bible Is Satan’s Kryptonite

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December 2014
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and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God,
(Ephesians 6:17 ESV)

Today we read about the final piece of armor Christians need in their never-ending battle against Satan: the sword. The sword is the only offensive item mentioned in this passage. Not surprisingly, the sword represents the word of God – the Bible.

Like the helmet we are to take the sword. It was God who gave us the Bible. It is our responsibility to take it – to accept it and make it a part of our lives. Any soldier who went into battle without an offensive weapon might last a while, but would eventually be killed. Likewise, those who refuse to make the Bible a part of their lives are ultimately headed for a spiritual death – separation from God for all eternity. We call that ‘hell’.

Notice that the sword is of the Spirit. Here is more evidence of the Trinity. This one verse tells us that the word is of God and of the Spirit. We know from other passages, such as John 1, that Jesus is the Word. If A=X and B=X and C=X then A=B=C. The Father, the Son, and the Spirit are all one and the same.

When Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness He continually quoted Scripture in response to Satan’s lies. When we go on the offensive by using God’s word he will go away [Matthew 4:1-11]. God’s word can’t be defeated.

The problem is Satan knows the Bible much better than we do. And he knows that he knows it better than we do. His main tactic is to twist the truth ever so slightly so that we don’t realize he is lying. This is exactly what he did to Adam and Eve and is the same thing he does today [Genesis 3:1-5]. He still uses this tactic because it is so successful.

This is why we need to be in God’s word every single day. We need to memorize it and meditate on it [Joshua 1:8]. We need to stop spending too much time at work or watching television and spend more time in Scripture. Many Christians are more adept at quoting Seinfeld than they are at quoting the Bible. They know more about the Kardashians than they do about God’s truth. Such people are extremely susceptible to Satan without even realizing it.

Scripture is our only offensive weapon for living a life that doesn’t give in to sin. It weakens Satan to the point where he is ineffective. The Bible is Satan’s kryptonite. It drains Satan of his strength while giving power to people.

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  1. Anusia says:

    Many unknown facts get to know about the mighty God. Good to know these things which were completely new to me.

  2. homwardbound says:

    Yes a fact if used right from the mouth of the two edged sword from Father himself, yes to this.in that context alone Satan is defeated

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