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It All Starts With Knowledge of God

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that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and of revelation in the knowledge of him, having the eyes of your hearts enlightened, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, what are the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints,
(Ephesians 1:17-18 ESV)

One of the things I enjoy reading most in the Bible are the passages in which Paul prays for other believers. When I read them I am convicted about my own prayer life. My prayers are nothing like Paul’s. His are so thoughtful. The things he wants for his readers display a deep understanding of what God wants for His children.

Paul desires that God give the Ephesians (and us) a knowledge of Him through wisdom and revelation. First and foremost we need to know God. Every human being needs this. That is why Paul starts his prayer with this request. Nothing good can come of anyone’s life if they don’t know God. And the only way to know God is to have Him reveal Himself to us.

There are many philosophies in the world that purport to be able to bring us closer to some higher spirit. But what these philosophies offer is nothing more than an emotional experience that extends from our own pride. Not to mention, their definition of god is nebulous and ill-defined.

But the God of the Bible is knowable. And He is knowable because He has chosen to make Himself knowable. Certainly our limited human minds cannot comprehend all that God is. Nor can our finite brains contain all the information there is about our infinite God. But there are some precise attributes that God has revealed to us in the Bible. They are verified by human experiences throughout history (some of which are recorded in the Bible also).

Notice that wisdom comes from the Spirit – the Holy Spirit. Just like a person’s thoughts are known only to that person unless she chooses to reveal them, so too are God’s thoughts only revealed through His spirit – the Holy Spirit. As an aside, here is another verse that clearly equates God and the Holy Spirit thereby debunking those who deny the existence of The Trinity.

It is arrogance for created human beings to suppose they can discern the mind of their creator on their own. As far as heaven is from the earth is how much higher God’s thoughts are from ours  [Isaiah 55:8-9]. This is why any religion or philosophy that attempts to explain God apart from the Bible – God’s revelation of Himself – is useless.

Paul’s prayer for the Ephesians opens with a request for wisdom. God is deep. He isn’t always easy to understand. But His goal is not to be mysterious. He will give wisdom to anyone who asks for it [James 1:5].

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