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Today’s Bible reading: 2 Samuel 22-23:23; Acts 2:1-47; Psalm 122:1-9; Proverbs 16:19-20

David wrote many Psalms and songs and we read one of them in 2 Samuel 22 today. I think it is great to sing to the Lord, especially to write an original song. As a writer it is my goal someday to write a song. I can’t write music, but I have tried to write lyrics. I’ve started a few songs but haven’t finished any. Hopefully someday!

In his song David praises God for His deliverance. God had delivered David from Goliath and Saul, but also from his own indiscretions.

Our enemies and problems are too strong for us (2 Samuel 22:18). We are weak creatures. We cannot fight our own battles. But God is always willing to rescue His children from calamity if we call upon Him. There is no fear in doing this – God wants to rescue us because He delights in us (2 Samuel 22:20).

Isn’t it interesting that God knows exactly how do deal with people (2 Samuel 22:26-30)? God deals with us appropriately based on the relationship we want to have with Him.

All our success comes from God and He deserves all our praise (2 Samuel 22:47-51). Everything we have. Everything we are. God deserves praise for everything in our lives.

Today in Acts 2 we read about the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the first Christians. Jesus had left earth and before doing so had told them that the Holy Spirit would be coming, but He didn’t say exactly when. God works on His own timing. I’m sure these disciples thought that maybe the Spirit would come sooner, maybe the same day. But we need to wait on God’s timing.

God is not slow. He just wants us to develop patience. The longer we wait for something the more precious it is to us.

Notice that the Spirit came suddenly (Acts 2:2). I can attest to this. On the day I was saved I had no idea it would happen. I went to work as usual and came home as usual. But late that night something clicked in my head and I knew the Bible was 100% true. I was a sinner in need of forgiveness that God was more than willing to offer. Immediately I could sense a presence in my body. It was the Holy Spirit – God living in my body – although I didn’t know it at the time.

The Holy Spirit gave those present the ability to speak other languages (Acts 2:4). This amazing miracle caused some to wonder and some to dismiss (Acts 2:11, 13). People still treat God’s miracles the same way today.

Its amazing to see the maturity in Peter that he demonstrates in this chapter. He quotes Scriptures (Acts 2:16,25, 34) when just a few weeks before he had no clue who Jesus was and even denied knowing Him. This just goes to show the power of the truth. The truth of Jesus can change people’s lives. No other belief system or man-made self-help practices can change someone like this.

Notice that Peter simply quoted the Bible to those who were listening. He didn’t add anything to it – he didn’t make any commentary or water it down. He just told the people there what the Scriptures said.

When we talk to non-believers about Christ we need to rely on the Bible alone and nothing more. That is why it is so important to memorize verses and to be able to recall stories. Notice that the words that Peter spoke “pierced their hearts”. The truth of the Bible will do that. It is totally self-sufficient. We don’t need to modify God’s message for it to work in people’s hearts.

Peter not only tells them the truth in the Bible, but he gives them instructions on how they, too, can be saved (Acts 2:38-40). It worked. Over 3,000 people were saved in one day! Its not enough to just quote the Bible because people may think that the Bible is a bunch of cool stories and witty sentences. We need to tell people that they need to be saved from their sins, just as Peter did here.

Throughout the Bible Christians are commanded to pray for peace in Jerusalem and Psalm 122 is one of those places (Psalm 122:6). Jerusalem, whose name means “city of peace”, is God’s holy city and we should desire what is best for the people there.

I can honestly say that Proverbs 16:20 is accurate. As I have been learning to trust God more in my life in 2013 I have been filled with more joy than I have ever had. Sure, sometimes things are tough. But as I learn to give myself up to God and trust Him in every aspect of my life, I can honestly say that I am being filled with joy.

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